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Catch Ups

THE THING: NIGHT FALLS ON YANCY STREET [4-issue Marvel mini-series] came and went. Good crits but no fanfare. Marvel buried it like a retarded step-child. Lots of blood and sweat went into a dream that crashed and burned, and nobody saw the carnage. Left a bitter taste. Tons of casualties, fictional and real. Much lessons learned of how NOT to work. What NOT to do. Glad I suffered that early on in my franchise comix making career.

Just completed drawing BATMAN ADVENTURES #9 [due 12/17] which was a blast to work on AND the editor dug what I had to pony up. Imagine that? Felt good to work on a project where all involved were copacetic. Props to my homies/writers; Vito Delsante and Gabe Soria, for turning around some fine scripts to draw. Check out the cover art/solictation:

My DESPERO pin-up for JLA-Z hit comix shoppes 2-weeks ago. Check out the line art/process:

--as did the MUMMY illo I drew for NICKELODEON MAGAZINE:

Just did a 1pp collaboration w/Harvey Pekar called "Identity Crisis." You can scope it here:

Here is the page I drew for the AMERICAN SPLENDOR MOVIE:

--more AMERICAN SPLENDOR collabs soon [including a secret project that could might be fucking HILARIOUS if it gets GREENlit].

I'm currently working on drawing JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #30, written by Keith Giffen, starring Martian Manhunter and The Flash. So far, editor Steve Wacker has been quite encouraging.

I have a JACK OF HEARTS pitch [3-issue mini-series] in the EPIC [imprint of Marvel] hopper, co-plotted/written by Neil Kleid, that is in development.

My latest BILLY DOGMA story "The Devil's Muumuu" continues to crawl weekly at --but it may go on hiatus while I focus on pressing freelance work. If that happens, I plan to replace weekly BILLY DOGMA w/weekly LIONEL'S LAMENT [an experimental narrative corpse type collaboration w/cartoonist/pal Josh Neufeld]: , until I get back on track and have knuckle time for BILLY DOGMA. Meanwhile, AIM TO DAZZLE is still available:

And -- I just submitted my first feature length screenplay, THE BIG RED MESS, to the Sundance Institute Film Program for 2004 consideration. Synopsis can be read here:

NEXT UP: I'm slated to draw a story for Pulitzer Prize winning author, Michael [KAVALIER & CLAY] Chabon's new comix anthology, THE ESCAPIST [Vol.2], and that THOR SMASH pitch I wrote awhile back [to be written by Mark Waid] is purported to finally get scheduled. Keep them fingers crossed.

Back to the art table...

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