Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Eclectica reviews MO & JO

"Dean Haspiel & Jay Lynch have two quarrelsome siblings to deal with in Mo and Jo. From the beginning it is clear these two can not agree on anything, and this dynamic continues through much of the book. Things take a decidedly exciting turn when their mailman shows up, delivers some "Mighty Mojo" merchandise and then announces that he is the real Mojo and has decided to retire. He gives the kids the costume which has all his powers and then heads for Miami. The kids, of course, immediately rip the thing in half. Their mother ends up making two new costumes from the pieces (unaware of course that this is THE Mojo costume) and in the succeeding chapters Mo and Jo find that they must work together to thwart evil as they each only have half of the Mighty Mojo's powers.

It's quick, it's funny, and it's action-packed. The kids are completely typical and nearly get eaten by "Saw-Jaw" before they decide that a coordinated attack is a good idea (old habits die hard). There's plenty of ZAP and POW type graphics but also a lot of standard sibling banter. It's particularly nice to see that Mo and Jo have equal powers and act literally the same; neither gender overpowers the other or comes across as subservient. Basically it's a take on the "kids as superheroes" idea where you spend as much time focused on the good guys' relationship as you do the over-the-top villain. For kids who like their plots fast-paced, this one will be most welcome."

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