Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

MoCCA - Festival Souvenir?

In discussing the concept for a MoCCA Book [of sorts] w/cartoonist/organizer Neil Kleid, here are some of MY ideas for such a thing:

The anthology should be a 'festival souvenir' that features the exhibitors per annual MoCCA affair. It doesn't necessarily have to be NEW material as long as the storie/s make cogent sense to the NEW READER coming off the NYC/Soho street [and beyond]. Most indie/alt/art comix are read by cartoonists anyway, so the material/stories have a long shelf life despite whether or not it's technically a "reprint." Besides, do you think Charles Burns or Los Bros. Hernandez are going to draw something NEW for the festival souvenir? I doubt it. It's up to the exhibitor/cartoonist to decide what he/she wants to show off [w/editorial guidance, of course - I nominate CBLDF Director, Charles Brownstein]. Besides, a Frank Miller next to a James Kochalka next to a Jefferey Brown next to a Bob Fingerman represents the alternative to franchise comics and is still BRAND SPANKING NEW to most literary entertainment consumers.

Raise the MoCCA door entry fee to $10-12 and you get a snazzy 100-200pp MoCCA book/sampler/festival souvenir [w/a few blank pages for signatures and sketches].

How it could might work: PAYING exhibitors [however many that is per table] get an automatic invitation to the anthology. Now, maybe that doesn't totally work. Maybe there are too many exhibitors to consider for one loaded festival souvenir. But hey, maybe that fact ALSO puts a limit on what kind of space an exhibitor/s is allowed in the anthology. For example; a table allows for TWO PAGES of anthology space. Jason Little gets 2pp to hawk SHUTTERBUG FOLLIES. Jeff Mason buys four tables he gets 8pp to hawk his stable of Alternative Comics. Scott Morse buys a table w/one other cartoonist and/or twenty other cartoonists and you can do the math. It's just an idea. Nobody is shut out because the festival souvenir represents each MoCCA years' comix tempo. Get a great cover artist, allow an essay and an interview, print a list of scheduled MoCCA events for the rest of the year -- and the book is a wrap.

The MoCCA book should NOT COMPETE w/comix anthologies [which has been my criticism w/the latter SPX/Expo Anthos]. It should serve as a festival souvenir that puts monies into MoCCA's bank, hawks exhibitor's wares, and hips NEW readers. This book isn't necessarily for you, me, and Jessica Abel. It might enlighten Art Speigelman and Frank Miller to what's out there but, more importantly, we want the "sampler" to secure NEW READERS and anybody who visits MoCCA. It could get MORE folks going to the comix shoppe way after the MoCCA closes their Puck Building doors for the year.

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