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Kirkman: do your own thing

At Heidi MacDonald's THE BEAT:

My response:

Robert Kirkman is a young turk and did very well with his creator-owned comix right out the gate [I enjoy INVINCIBLE and THE WALKING DEAD]. His heart is in the right place even if it's not gonna rally most pros to quit their day job [popular comics]. I champion making new concepts while pushing established icons along. Maybe we don't need so many SPIDER-MAN and BATMAN titles and crossovers to choose from every month, but it's good to know I can swing by my local comix shop and check in on Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne whenever I please. Otherwise, there is a deluge of other great comix to read, too.

AGREED: let's make more comix for kids. 'Nuff said.

My personal career solution is to keep my feet planted firmly in both alternative and mainstream ponds. Bring certain projects to the Big Two and get paid to make comix while manifesting creator-owned fare on my own time/dime until those efforts get printed into sexy collections [oops, I mean, graphic novels].

This September I will have two books out: THE ALCOHOLIC [with writer Jonathan Ames] from Vertigo, and MO & JO: FIGHTING TOGETHER FOREVER [with writer Jay Lynch] from Raw Jr., while editing NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR, a bi-weekly webcomix anthology for SMITH Magazine, and writing/drawing my creator-owned series' STREET CODE [for Zuda] and BILLY DOGMA in FEAR, MY DEAR [for ACT-I-VATE].

Bottom line: I already took control of my comix destiny awhile ago and it's a hard road but I'm fairly proud of my work and where I stand in the industry today.

Besides all that, I love an industry when I can read AMERICAN SPLENDOR and then, right afterwards, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, and not even blink.


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