Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

What do you think are the causes of the comix industry’s collapse in the 90’s?

New media solutions have put a heavy dent into the superhero comic book reading market. Media, which include: interactive games, CD-ROMs, the internet, DVDs, etc., have taken the mythologies and icons created by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, et al, and created a more interactive and exciting way to exploit the conflicts and narratives that most genre oriented comics flex and yield. However, the independent market has bloomed, concurrently, offering very unique, experimental, and personal stories wrapped inside esthetically pleasing and appealing packaging that new media can't and won't take the time to compete with. Franchise comic book companies make bold efforts to cross-market and sell their properties, especially to younger audiences and, unless these companies are keen to new media engines, their paper product will get caught in archaic dust plumes, whereas, alternative publishers like Top Shelf, Alternative Comics, Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly, Slave Labor, Oni, et al, grow and service the agendas of the auteur, targeting and marketing for a niche audience of true blue readers and art patrons.

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