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Okay, this is nice...

From Ninth Art's weekly hep: THE SHIPPING FORECAST [comix coming out this Weds., 6/11/03]~

AIM TO DAZZLE #1 (Alternative Comics)
Contestants of the latest season of American Idol recently released a CD single of the song "What The World Needs Now Is Love", but what they really should have sung was "What The World Needs Now Is Billy Dogma". Dean Haspiel's signature character returns in AIM TO DAZZLE, a one shot containing both new short stories as well as reprints of various anthology pieces. The centerpiece of the book is easily the loving relationship between Billy and his girlfriend Jane Legit... along with a healthy dose of surrealism. Stories weave an excellent mix of humor and drama into each piece, and Haspiel's iconic drawing style has a macho power to it that makes the vulnerable emotions displayed all the more surprising and touching. Love stories have never been this odd, or this fun.

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