Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Weekends in the Catskills are different from Brooklyn

We were at the garden center when I grabbed SBX by the hand and pulled her to the back where trees were for sale. I asked her which one she liked best and she pointed at the weeping willow. When we got back home, I dug a big hole by the stream in the back yard while SBX pruned the young thing. We planted him and packed his roots with fresh soil. We wrapped our arms around his branches and gave him a welcoming hug and blessed him with a kiss. His name is "Thor."

The next day we went for a walk towards Wawaka Lake when I spotted three sheep in dire need of a haircut up the hill from Donald and Esther's house. I suddenly had the hankering to herd and I gave SBX a mischievous look and she retaliated with a look that said "you're going to do it anyway so let's do this together." We entered the gate that kept the beasts at bay and my gall to chase walking wool was severely diminished when I noticed their enormity up close. Before I could fall back, SBX jumped for them as they galloped like fat old ladies in muumuus made from 16th century dreadlocks. We ran around in serpentine zigzags while the bulk of their bloat compromised the sheep's stealth. One sheep hopped over a fallen tree and fell onto its back and couldn't move. SBX squealed and started to laugh. I was horrified by the sheep's dilemma as it struggled to right itself. It took me three shoves to push the sheep over so it could stand back up and run away.

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