Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

When I knew

I can remember the exact moment it happened.

She was kind enough to grant her ex-best friend's ex-boyfriend an investigative meeting to indulge his…my neurosis to help end the mystery of why I was dumped. I walked into her house to greet the most beautiful woman, still wearing the proud crown of her royal homeland yet made mature by motherhood and divorce. My mission statement to excavate clues for why a lost love could crush my heart diminished over the course of the next few hours as we talked, caught up, traded anecdotes, and, finally, settled in her basement den so she could wrap birthday presents and I could survey the World Series over her shoulder. Only, her shoulder made a detour up towards her face and to her eyes, her majestic eyes that have kidnapped me ever since. But, that wasn't what did it. What stole me was when she asked me to place my finger on her daughter’s gift package ribbon so she could secure it. I kept the crisscrossed ribbon taught and she tied the ribbon over my finger.

And, that was the exact moment I fell in love with her.

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