Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Y - The Last Party & Auction

One of my favorite new comic book series to appear in the last five years, Y - THE LAST MAN, came to a perfect conclusion a week or so ago from the cool cats at Vertigo. Brian K. Vaughan fast became one of my favorite writers and he told a plausible and intelligent story while keeping it heavily steeped in genre. No wonder the folks at LOST scooped him up. Word has it that Y will be adapted into a movie, possibly a trilogy, but it could easily be a 12-part TV series. More importantly, Y is a great entry point for new comix readers.

I was recently asked to draw a pin-up to be auctioned off at Y - THE LAST PARTY, a benefit for the CBLDF [Comic Book Legal Defense Fund] occurring at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles this Friday and, concurrently, online at MySpace. If you're a fan of Y, be sure to swing by either event:

And if you haven't read Y - THE LAST MAN, do yourself a massive favor and read the first issue for free at Vertigo's website and get hooked:


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