Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

BRAWL #1 thanks & preview

What could have been a rainy day like today turned out to be a gorgeous day yesterday for our big BRAWL #1 signing at Jim Hanley's Universe. Michel Fiffe and I would like to thank Vito Delsante, the staff at JHU, and all our friends, family, and fans, for coming out and supporting the book. We signed a bunch of copies so we're hoping this is a clear and present sign that our free webcomix cum pay for print experiment is working! I cannot stress how important it is for cartoonists to find and maintain a successful way to make a living writing and drawing their own creations and I think that this is another fine example of something awesome for the future of the medium.

Here is a new 5-page preview of BRAWL #1 at Newsarama:

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