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MoCCA 2007 redux

Due to tight deadlines where I currently chip away at ten fully inked pages of THE ALCOHOLIC every three weeks [which is why my BILLY DOGMA webcomic, "Fear, My Dear," has been on hiatus for longer than I care for], I was only able to attend MoCCA for four hours on Saturday. 90-minutes of which was gladly spent furnishing the comix art institution with a few sketches to help raise funds. I sat next to Alison Bechdel whose success on FUN HOME commandeered a healthy line of excited fans. Unfortunately, we only shared a kiss & hug with no time to talk. However, I shared a great parlay with the inimitable MF GRIMM [who's graphic novel debut, SENTENCES, drops from Vertigo in September]. We're interested in doing a collaboration about our lives in the upper west side of Manhattan during the 1980s. The working title is MELTING POT.

My two purchases at the show were Paul Pope's gorgeous PULPHOPE manifesto and a sweet mini-comic titled BOOBAGE by Monica Gallagher []. I met the lovely Molly Lawless who furnished me with a set of her cool INFANDUM! comix []. I've heard a lot about Molly from buddy, Jim Dougan, who plans to collaborate with her in the near future. I hardly had time to peruse the show which was a damned shame but I managed to hug and high five some folks before it was time to skedaddle.

[Heidi MacDonald, me, and Charlie Orr. Snapshot c.2007 Alex Cox]

I experimented wearing a buttoned up shirt and tie dressed in a pair of black Dickies and forgot to don my badge only to discover that I was still recognizable [thanks to years of internet shenanigans and *cough* naked pix]. My good pal, Josh Neufeld, did the best double-take I've seen in years. I told him I was "representing and respecting the art form I so dearly love." Which is only half bullshit. Anybody who knows me well knows I don't get dressed for my mama. So, it was fun to pull wool [literally, that tie was annoying] for a lil' while until I stripped the business attire for my traditional black t-shirt for later that night at Top Shelf's 10th Anniversary party. I raised a rocks glass of Maker's Mark with Chris Staros and patted Brett Warnock on the back and praised them for their publishing vision and commitment. I was there the night Chris and Brett decided to shack up together and cheered them on from the get go. It was Top Shelf's belief in my talent [they published two issues of KEYHOLE, DAYDREAM LULLABIES, and BOY IN MY POCKET] that sent me spinning into the comixverse with confidence.

The precious little time I spent at MoCCA this year reminded me how important events like these are to our industry. It was really cool to see Vertigo/Minx and a whole row of Finnish comix folks get into the mix, too. MoCCA is slowly but surely expanding into a perfect hybrid of Angouleme International Comics Festival and the early, vibrant years of SPX.

Chris Mautner wrote a nice piece about MoCCA at Newsarama and used a silly quote I quickly conjured as he captured my doppleganger in full guerilla glory:

Heidi MacDonald furnished some fun photo parade's at The Beat.
Day One:
Day Two:

Tom Spurgeon has all MoCCA links and reports at The Comics Reporter:

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