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Just got back from Marvel. Dropped off ten TANGLED WEB pages with four more to go, due next Monday. Got back my original art for Captain America: RED, WHITE & BLUE. Picked up advance copies of Tangled Web #18, and Alonso's editorial takeover on WOLVERINE #181. Never read WOLVERINE before (I think he makes a better minor character, like Mercutio was in ROMEO & JULIET -- could you imagine Mercutio getting his own series? I didn't think so). Anyway, it was a fine read. I was a tad surprised by the fact that our X-man anti-hero is such a hardcore killer. Is this something new or have I missed this aspect of Logan? I know he tore people apart with his adamantium claws, but they usually survived, yes? Does he kill now? Seems so. I'll pick up 182, see where Wolvie goes. TW18 was a quick and funny read. Nothing special. Ted Mckeever wrote/drew it. Reads more like a Bizarro story than anything else. I got some sneak peeks at Alonso's upcoming comics (Spider-Man, Hulk, Kyle Baker's "Black" Captain America, Rawhide Kid, and a few others). Popped my head into the Lis/Yoshii office and told them I'm back on NIGHT FALLS ON YANCY STREET in approx. a week. They were happy to hear that. Told him that I wanted propose a new POWER MAN & IRON FIST re-launch with Darko Macan writing it. Lis and Alonso laughed at me. Said that CAGE is a 'Max' title in the dark noir vein. My "cartoony" style doesn't befit the tempo. Although, Alonso wasn't crossing me off the list. Don't know who's writing the next CAGE arc/mini...somebody new. Lis showed me some cool Steve Rude CAPTAIN AMERICA art for an upcoming mini-series written by Bruce Jones. I got a confidential copy of John Arcudi's debut script for THUNDERBOLTS #76 - a comic book I never read, nor ever would have but since Arcudi is doing such a bang-up job on DOOM PATROL, I figured I'd give it a shot. I've already begged Lis to work with Arcudi in the future (re-met Arcudi at SPX 2002 and exchanged the same sentiment's -- he seemed down to work together). Maybe I'll draw a T-Bolts arc?

Met up with SBX at HMV on 34th street to do some clothes shopping for her girls. Reminded me why I don't own any new clothes (except for the one's SBX buys for me) 'cause shopping can be a nightmare. Although, with SBX, it was kinda cute. She was all excited, hopped up on caffeinated goof-balls, tearing through aisles and clothes. She had that special glow on her face, the kind that NiggerKojak gets when he snags the latest issue of X-STATIX.

You know how we do.

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