Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


GRINDHOUSE is corny, ’70s inspired, B-movie shlock, just like half the movies you’ll find in my ever expanding DVD collection. I fully enjoyed the entire 3-hour experience. The Wienstein’s should franchise GRINDHOUSE. Yes, DEATH PROOF was glacial but I needed to chill out after Rodriguez’ awesomely hyper-kinetic, PLANET TERROR. And, Tarantino brought the action in full force when it was time to dispense with the pleasantries. The scene where Stuntman Mike tries to describe his "career" to the young girls at the bar nearly crushed me. I remember the days when I tried to explain my comix resume to normal folk [before my higher profile projects and before the big graphic novel BOOM] and there I was lauding my recent contribution to the SPX/Expo Anthology as I watched many eyes glaze wondering what the heck I was talking about? *sigh* Curiously, I found Rose McGowan to be outrageously charming and Marley Shelton is too fly for words. Actually, all the women in the movie were great. My only crit is I feel KILL BILL was more “grindhouse” than DEATH PROOF but, whatever, man. I wish there was MUCH more stuff like this to entertain me these days.

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