Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

What comix did you make in 2006?

I wish there was a master list somewhere that showed me what comix came out in 2006 so I could nominate some goodies for the Harvey Awards ballot:

So, with the nomination date creeping up rather quickly [April 4th], I'd like to let some of you eligible and participating folks know what I did that came out in 2006 in hopes of you kids alerting me/us what you did, too [Neil Kleid is always on top of this stuff].

Anyhow, off the top of my head: I illustrated stories in every issue of Harvey Pekar's AMERICAN SPLENDOR mini-series published by Vertigo. And, I launched [wrote & drew], serialized, and completed my first online graphic novel, IMMORTAL, at ACT-I-VATE. IMMORTAL is archived here:

Okay folks, pony up the goods. What comix did you make in 2006?

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