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[standing before the Norwegian Spirit in the Bahamas]




One of my favorite Charles Bukowski books is titled THE CAPTAIN IS OUT TO LUNCH AND THE SAILORS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE SHIP [a precursor to the invention of the Blog]. How apropos for me to take a week off on a cruise ship to the Bahamas with my mama for her birthday [more on that in a separate post] and leaving the wheel for my scallywags at act_i_vate to sail the cyber seas without me.

Little did I know I would come back home to face "BILLY DOGMA in DEJA VOODOO!"


The second I saw that my creation had been parodied, I was mortified. It walloped me like an iron anvil from a cosmic slingshot. But, before I could scrutinize every panel's nook and cranny and let the rush of blood seize my head, the homage had me swooning at "USBX," and I cracked a big, fat smile. Who would go through such extreme lengths to take a pot shot at me? Who had the talent to fool some folks into thinking it was I that had pulled the proverbial wool over reader's eyes?

This hatchet job hadda be a group effort. My first suspect was simonfraser. He didn't have the time to spare but he had the drawing chops, the work ethic, and the know how to semi-ape my work. Then there was zegas, who surely had the keys to my studio and the ink sauce to add the lettering [the SFX for "FREUDD" and "WOOOMB" were brilliant!]. And then there was the pungent scent of dangoldman's scribes liberally anointing each panel with his special brand of perfume. One phone call to simonfraser confirmed my Sherlockian assumptions. The pirates were as I pegged 'em!

If I ever slip off a cliff and start pushing weeds from what's left of my mortal coil, I know BILLY DOGMA will always be in good hands. "Emasculator X?" Indeed. Thank the Gods for the "Sublimator!" Take a bow, Simon, Michel, and Dan. You did me oh so wrong yet oh so right.


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