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Many years ago, my good pal, Drew Stiles aka unicornlove, formed and led a band called SMOOTHBRAIN which quickly morphed into YUMMY, for which I created many gig flyers and the cover for their only studio album, "Elegante." I even co-wrote one of the hooks for their tune, "Superior." Drew and his pals were awesome when they played live and combined the rapid fire funk of Parliament/Funkadelic with the danceable energy of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The bass lines are gnarly with dark alley sex that only twelve hot showers and the "morning after pill" could possibly relieve.

Drew recently got in touch with me with his decision to launch a website making YUMMY available online for the first time and letting new listeners get hip to his past, present, and future music and musings. Drew is the real deal and has the stuff. Do yourself a favor and swing by his website and take a listen:

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