Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

2 to 5

Yesterday, SBX came over to my apartment and worked on book packaging deals while I finished inking a page of AMERICAN SPLENDOR. We went out for a mid-afternoon coffee and later on I took her to the new brick oven pizza place around the corner for some Italian pie and red wine. The day marked our 2nd or 5th anniversary dating -- give or take the year-and-a-half we broke up [one must consult the time/space/love continuum]. Despite all the romance I put into my fiction, nothing beats the true love I share with SBX. When my eyes go dark and my hands curl into claws and my legs crack under the weight of my bloated frame, it will be the battle cry of SBX that will send me sliding across the floor in my adult diapers just so I can rest my broken crown against her hips.

This morning, when I went to open my medicine cabinet for some Queen Helene hair product, I was reminded, for the thousandth time why SBX is the be all end all...


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