Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Tuesday nights

[zegas, sateenduralux, and simonfraser make comix]

Since the inception of act_i_vate last February, my Tuesday nights are usually reserved for cranking out web comix. Despite putting the kibosh on potential social affairs and dinner dates, plugging in on a Tuesday night works best for me because it doesn't conflict with my favorite TV shows and, come Wednesday morning, I've created something cool. Recently, I've been fortunate enough to host a squad of inkstud allies in the battle to make something cool. The company is essential and the energy is fortifying. I wouldn't trade it for a years worth of free health insurance.

[zegas draws PANORAMA]

[sateenduralux draws her "HARRY POTTER" comic]

[sateenduralux talks to benchilada on the telephone for the first time! zegas asked what he sounded like and she said "He sounds like how he looks!"]

[simonfraser draws LILLY MACKENZIE AND THE MINES OF CHARYBDIS, coming soon to act_i_vate]

[simonfraser imported a can of Scottish soda pop called IRN-BRU and it tasted like Penicillin with bubbles. I was on the phone w/SBX when I spat out the radioactive concoction and she'd heard legend that IRN-BRU was made of iron girders dipped in dirty water. simonfraser defended his homeland drink and lauded its hangover solutions.]

[man_size represents]

[I worked on a few layouts for new AMERICAN SPLENDOR comix, coming soon from Vertigo, and then cut boards for the next episode of FEAR, MY DEAR, before shutting down the lights and catching a late night horror movie]

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