Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

PWCW "explores" Jim Hanley's Universe

Chris Arrant asked me for a quote which got cut from the article. Here's what I said about JHU:

"Jim Hanley's Universe serves as the crossroads for great comix making minds to meet and greet and is the premiere comix shopping experience in Manhattan for the pure fan in us all. I've lost count how many creators and readers I've met at JHU. Not only is the store lined with aisles in the very best of all comix and graphic novels but the staff is super friendly, informative, and supportive of all comix customers as evidenced by their commitment to celebrate the medium with near-weekly signing events. What with in-house sentinels like Jim, Danny, Ron, Vito, Larry aka "Golden Age", and Nick Purpura, who keeps the legend of Jack Kirby alive, comix retailing is in good hands at the school of JHU where the price of admission is an open-mind and a big heart. It's Jim Hanley's Universe and we're just making and reading comix in it."
--Dean Haspiel, creator of BILLY DOGMA

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