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bobfingerman's debut novel, BOTTOMFEEDER, is one of my favorite recent books. A perfect mix of cynical and funny, BOTTOMFEEDER hurt me to laugh. Bob tackles the pros and cons and even more cons of immortality via vampirism. This isn't the Bela Lugosi you grew up snarking at on reruns of ABBOTT & COSTELLO nor a paperback rip-off of UNDERWORLD. The story is a brisk yet compelling and original, urban "whodunnit." Even though it takes place in modern day pre-9/11 world, old school New Yorker's will get a nostalgic kick out of Bob's passion for the Big Apple circa mid-1970s. The writing is so convincing, you can smell the words. I'm proud of my buddy, Bob. He done did good.

Check out Bob's mini-hype: -- and then do yourself a favor and order a copy.


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