Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Hardly Halloween

I hardly had time to run to Duane Reade and back to fill my plastic pumpkin with Halloween candy before my doorbell rang and my local neighbor, Kat, showed up with her adorable daughter, Ophelia, who was dressed up like a spooky peasant with a rubber skeleton fright mask. Ophelia screamed like a little monster and I treated her with a cheap DVD of old animal cartoons and fun-sized packs of Butterfinger and Baby Ruth.

[Ophelia and Kat aka sateenduralux]

A few minutes later, I biked over to Park Slope and hooked up with SBX at The Sroge's abode and we split for the 7th Avenue Halloween Parade. SBX's daughters were ahead of us somewhere in the mix while we navigated through the creepy crowd and camped out on the corner of 6th Street where we rendezvoused with pals Lauren & Dave. We talked about writing and what it means to just type everyday and how important it is to record your ideas. That "writing" usually occurs in the editing phase. We walked back towards 13th street where Hazel was on SBX's stoop wearing her Sassy Kitten costume and she wouldn't let me take a snapshot. However, one block later, Olivia was more than willing to have her Seventh Level of Hell outfit immortalized.

[Devlish Ola]

A spitfire kiss from SBX and I was on my bike back home to rendezvous with zegas for Cubano take-out and a solid night of comix making. But, before my 90-minutes away from the art table were up, I took a picture of a guy who looked like something out of a DAFT PUNK video and it gave me ideas.


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