Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

SPX 2006

Deadlines are a wicked witch as I juggle AMERICAN SPLENDOR in one hand and an "as of yet unannounced project" in the other. And, it's a serious bitch not having anything creator-owned in print this year. But, I'm working on that while cranking out my weekly web-comic, IMMORTAL, at act_i_vate. The future may be digital but I aim to reproduce and distribute my comix in the binds of books until the transition to cyber space is as empirical as narratives going from cave wall to dead tree. All this rigmarole to point out that I will not be attending SPX [Small Press Expo] in Bethesda, MD, this weekend, the annual love affair for comix drawn and quartered from the spring of auteur blood. A damn shame for an ink slinging thug like me trying to make ends meet who, like a camel crossing a desert, depends on the fuel from such a grass roots oasis. I shall miss it dearly.


A few Act-i-vator's will be at SPX to represent:

As well as some cats from The Chemistry Set:

Heidi MacDonald features SPX booty via The Beat:

And Tom Spurgeon would do "these ten things" if he were at SPX via The Comics Reporter:

So, do yourself a favor and go to SPX!

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