Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Nashville City Paper reviews AS1

"Now that the movie hubbub has died down and he's got a couple of new graphic novels under his belt, Harvey Pekar returns to the format that brought him notoriety in the first place ­ comic books filled with short stories about his life. American Splendor #1 (Vertigo) assembles a terrific batch of artists to illustrate Pekar's "ordinary life." Ty Templeton uses a scratchy, slightly cartoony style in Pekar's tale of his parents' final years. Dean Haspiel, last seen with Pekar on The Quitter, snags the best story of the bunch, with Pekar having to take care of his 16-year-old daughter alone and letting his neurosis get the best of him. Haspiel's verve and exaggeration bring a needed energy to grounded stories like Pekar's. Hilary Barta, Greg Budgett and Gary Dumm also lend a drawing hand, but uniting them all is Pekar's matter-of-fact storytelling, engaging readers by being totally real with them, an appreciated earnestness."

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