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Silver Bullet reviews AMERICAN SPLENDOR #1

I met Silver Bullet Comics reviewer Robert Murray at Baltimore Comicon this past weekend and he told me how much he liked AMERICAN SPLENDOR #1 and that he was going to review it. We discussed the lead story which features Harvey Pekar's parents and their bouts with Alzheimer's disease, where upon I revealed my theory that Pekar documents his life so he will remember who he was if he, too, ever fell upon the sword of Alzheimer's. Not only is Pekar leaving a testament of life behind for strangers to read but he may very well be leaving evidence for himself if he ever succumbs to the black hole of failed memory. That resonated highly with Mr. Murray and I told him he could use my notions in his review if he wanted to. I'm glad he did.

Silver Bullet Comics:


ALSO, Jog - The Blog, kindly weighed in on AS1, too:

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