Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Baltimore Comicon

Today is my AMERICAN SPLENDOR signing at Jim Hanley's Universe from 5 - 7pm, alongside Bob Fingerman [RECESS PIECES], and Jim Dougan [CRAZY PAPERS].

4 West 33rd Street [across the street from The Empire State Building], (212) 268-7088

Silver Bullet Comics reviews AMERICAN SPLENDOR #1:

I will be attending the Baltimore Comicon this coming weekend with SBX, courtesy of organizer and all around nice guy, Marc Nathan, who is herding us from the bus to the Orioles vs. Yankees game Friday night. I'll be sitting at a convention table with fellow Act-i-vator's dangoldman, heartshapedkey, paulmay, Jah Furry, and Chemistry Set cohort, chatterbox_dc. Sometime on Sunday [I think @1pm] I'll be a part of the Vertigo panel. So, if you're in the neighborhood, swing by. It's a great show and a great town.

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