Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Land of the Alpaca's

[Sabina and I among the Alpaca's]

For the first time in my career I asked for deadline extensions. I took too heavy a work load juggling a few jobs concurrently this summer. From a GOOSEBUMPS adaptation to AMERICAN SPLENDOR to preparation for another nifty gig which forced me to put IMMORTAL on premature hiatus. I spent a couple of months working 7-days a week with a stolen beach day here and there. SBX bought me a new art table and my mother scored me a beautiful tabouret so I could work in Halcottsville on weekends this past August. Turns out being chained to the desk in the mountains is better than in the city.

However, acute focus and determination has reconciled this lost summer and there is proverbial light shining at the end of this particular tunnel. Last weekend, bertozzi and his wife, Kim, and daughter, Sabina, drove SBX and I up to the Halcottsville house for a 3-day getaway. Unfortunately, it rained half the time but we managed to play cards, grill mom's home grown vegetables, bake apple crumble pie, watch movies, steep in the jacuzzi, nap, read, draw Jeff Buckley, make mulch out of a widow-maker hanging dangerously over the backyard stream with a small axe and male brawn, and unleash a swarm of Alpaca's upon a 5-year old girl.

[SBX, Kim, Nick, and the inspiration for a new anthropomorphic superhero]

[me and SBX]

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