Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Splendor in Queens

Despite the torrential rain storm that split the sky open mere seconds before SBX and I stepped out of our car service door and soaked us the few yards it took to sprint to the base of The Queens Public Library, and the basement room that rumbled as if an earthquake hit it every five-minutes due to the close proximity to the subway [we had to shout our words every 5-minutes during rush hour], the 'Meet the Artists' talk, hosted by Michael Sherer, was a good practice and parlay for me and 4_eyez. We discussed our different relationships with Harvey Pekar and our collaborations, including a graphic PowerPoint presentation that 4_eyez deftly assembled featuring our varied comix making process from script to finishes. Audience participation was intimate and lively revealing a few local cartoonists. A shout out to lordrexfear and JahFurry for representing. And a big kiss to SBX for her support and patience.


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