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Yesterday/late last night: I inked two pages of Tangled Web, colored an illo I drew for a story that main man Tim wrote for BIG NEWS, and erased/filled in blacks for 4-TW-pages total (I need an assistant!). Back is killing me (hunched over that art table, day in and day out, no damn good) and it makes me cranky when I don't see SBX for at least 2-hours per day. Shit, gimme one hour. A thigh to sleep next to. Anybody else feel the same way about their significant other? I can battle Godzilla and shovel shit 8, 9, 12-hours a day, as long as I know there will be respite (romantic and/or otherwise), by the end of the day. My lady is working on finalizing that dee-vorce so we can get "public" with her kids and lay hip to hip like there is no tomorrow.

OKAY -- today is going to be a bitch of a day. Gotta ink two pages by 4PM and prepare/marinate chicken kabobs in teriyaki sauce for SBX's "table christening" tonite. Supposed to drop off a bunch (10pp) of TW art to Alonso at Marvel, so that production can get started on lettering/coloring (this is for a Nov. release, folks) and head straight back to Bklyn. SBX bought an amazing new (long) wooden table and bench for her dining room, ergo, the "christening" joke. SBX was inspired by my mother's new house design in the Catskills (who, in turn, was inspired by an article my mother read in COUNTRY LIVING a couple of years ago and, coincidentally, was written by a chick who we would eventually meet and who would eventually marry my best pal Mike -- pals since we were 12 -- a few weeks ago...SMALL INSANE WORLD!!!).

Back to the drawing board where my ink brush is getting beat up. And so am I.

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