Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Plus-Size Wonder Woman?

Okay folks, I'm giving this one away for free. DC Comics has this great new series called ALL-STAR where they team up veteran hotshots in the biz to play with their big name characters. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are telling the best SUPERMAN stories in decades [maybe ever?] while Frank Miller and Jim Lee mix up the super-duper noir with BATMAN & ROBIN. Fans around the world are waiting for the next ALL-STAR and I say, get Jaime Hernandez to do a 6-issue ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN in the spirit of his famous LOVE & ROCKET femme, MAGGIE. Imagine that? Wonder Woman experiencing a mid-life crisis. She's 30-pounds overweight and wondering if she'll ever settle down and get married...mother a child? Or, hell, maybe she's tired of being ambassador to Paradise Island and saving the world from mankind's injustice's when she just wants a beer and a good band to watch when she meets a bruiser named, um, I dunno..."Dino?" See where this is going? Plus-sized soap-opera comix with a golden lasso, as told by the best in comix.

Tell me the NY Times wouldn't eat that up? Soccer mom's would crash comix shoppes in droves.

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