Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

A New Era in Comics Publishing: A Roundtable

Enlightening article from Ian Brill for Publisher's Weekly. I guess Gerry Donaghy [graphic novels buyer at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon] wasn't aware of Harvey Pekar's original graphic novel, THE QUITTER, or the upcoming original graphic novel, THE ALCOHOLIC, from author Jonathan Ames, both published by Vertigo/DC Comics [not to mention IT'S A BIRD, CAN'T GET NO, and the upcoming SLOTH, or the couple dozen other original graphic novels that Vertigo has published...] when he stated:

"If comics publishers started to publish original graphic novels, rather then merely packaging issues of the monthlies, then you'd really see something. It's pretty well known that most comics publishers make their money not on the monthlies, but when they anthologize them. It's almost like the monthly comic is nothing more than marketing for the trade paperback anthology that is sure to follow. And if the monthly tanks, that gives good precedent to inform what to do with a trade paper edition. But if Marvel or DC ever found the balls to take a chance and publish a 100-300-page original publication, the way some indies do, that would be something to see."

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