Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

MoCCA 2006

[Dr. Strange sketch I drew for NeilAlien to help raise MoCCA funds:]

As evidenced in my last post, I don't have the appropriate time it would take to share my thoughts and report my meandering's regarding MoCCA 2006. But, despite my taxed faculties, I had great fun. Comix art shows like MoCCA yield the very best our form has to offer and is an intense concentration of new folks hanging with old friends the likes you only ever indulge at these precious crossroads. Friday night's Rocketship party for Fantagraphics led to Saturday's first day at MoCCA and slid into an evening of Vietnamese food in Chinatown with most of the act_i_vate posse and a night of high-fives with peers at Cake Shop, The Parkside Lounge, and some sweltering burlesque in the back room of an Irish bar. By Sunday I was exhausted from too much work, not enough sleep, and a whiskey + Wo Hops induced hangover that had me and my house guest chatterbox_dc chewing on zinc tablets.

A highlight for me was sitting with artist Joe Staton while we drew sketches to raise funds for MoCCA. Joe effortlessly whipped out drawings of Green Lantern, Batman, and Scooby Doo, with the aid of a cheap marker while I struggled with head shots of The Thing and Dr. Strange. I asked Joe about his experiences with Jack Kirby, Alex Toth, and Steve Ditko, while praising his abilities for storytelling clarity and admitting how much I cherished E-MAN from the Charlton Comics days.

What with being in the midst of drawing new projects and diving elbow-deep into weekly web comix with IMMORTAL at act_i_vate since February, I didn't have anything new in print to hawk but I truly enjoyed being a spectator this year.

[me, bertozzi, bobfingerman, and James Romberger]

[me and 4_eyez]

[me and art spiegelman]

[chipzdarsky, me, and dangoldman, in the bathroom at Cake Shop courtesy of samuraiphotog]


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