Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


I have the rest of IMMORTAL planned out and the script for the next few episodes written. The images are in my head and raring to be illustrated and digitized for world wide consumption. Yet, instead, deadlines for paying gigs creep over my neck like iron anvils on a cranky conveyor belt ready to slip. Unfortunately, I must institute a brief hiatus from my self-imposed free comix love-fest here at act_i_vate. Professionalism dictates that I make editors and publishers happy so I may afford the time I pay myself to sate the hunger for uncompromised personal expression. I know that each and every one of you understands and respects my conundrum. I usually post IMMORTAL on Wednesday's but, until I can make manifest my contractual obligations, I will post new episodes when I can. I promise it will be sooner than later.

So, until we meet again, please enjoy the amazing and wonderful new free comix made available daily at act_i_vate.

One love.


PS -- if you're new to act_i_vate and would like to read IMMORTAL, thus far, please click this link and enjoy:

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