Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

New Years Eve - 2002

I nodded off in the middle but caught most of the 3rd 'Austin Powers' flick, GOLDMEMBER, on the back seat ahead of me, which was probably funnier during the 5th hour of an international flight three-trillion feet above land than going to the local Loews and dropping ten-clams for the same experience on a Friday night. Still, I'm a sucker for 60s/spy parodies and got what I wanted from it. SBX snoozed most of the flight, which was good for her. JFK customs gave me a hassle for my beat up passport which has traveled more bars than countries and a nickel rolled out from the middle of the book with the pathetic insinuation of a bribe to let my people go and set me free. Without batting an eyelash, the bald-headed authority chuckled "I'm cheap but not THAT cheap" and let me slide.

We hitched the shuttle to the A-train and I called my dad to wish him a 'happy new year' only to be treated to his melodramatic domestic dilemmas, which were no warm welcome back home. SBX got mad at my father for being so manipulative and selfish and I agreed, although I sure felt bad for my dad. What a life. I called my mom and that was much better. She was keeping it easy tonight like she does every year. I should have taken her lead. SBX got melancholy. She always feels sad when she comes back home to the states from her original home back in the UK, where life would be much easier to cope with if she had her family to support her and her two kids. Where a quality of life could be possible sans the mad hustle and bustle and expense of NYC where time is such a precious commodity. I don't blame her for feeling blue, but I told SBX that she had to quit with the nay saying and make what she's got today, good. Or, what's the point of waking up? We took the A to Jay for the F where we bumped into Larrondo, who was rendezvousing w/Pivovision, in Brooklyn for their New Years Eve.

I got off at Carroll and walked into the door of my apartment only to get hit with an abundant smell of -- LEMONS. I looked about my home and everything seemed...different. Shiny. New. My lord, my house had been violated with soap and cleaning detergents! Someone had cleaned my entire apartment! At first I thought Mike & Marie had treated me to an overhaul since they were kind enough to check up on my cats while I was abroad, but simple deduction proved that it had actually been a surprise gift from SBX. She had hired her cleaning lady to banish the dust bunnies and creepy crawlers from my humble abode. Apparently, the gig took 5-hours. What a doll.

Jet-lag caught up bad w/SBX bad and I forced her to come out and play. Big mistake. All her shattered senses begged for was a feather pillow to hide under. That one-hour of respite killed her gumption to party. I got terribly upset. We had traveled all day to bring in the new year in NYC, perhaps dance - get drunk - go crazy, just to call it quits a couple of hours before midnight? I was fuming. Near tears. So, after some tense negotiations, SBX took the bull by the horns, brewed coffee, and rode her bike by my way to hit Mike & Marie's cocktail party in that adorable hot pink/bunny shirt I bought her in Paris for this exact occasion. We were both feeling the 25th hour, but sallied forth, tooth and nail. At M&M's we toasted 2003 with Bob & Michele, Doug & Giovana, Eric & Michele, Nadia & Eric, and Ian. Angie Lieber was having a party on Atlantic Avenue, so we split on our bikes while the rest of the posse took it by foot. At Angie's, we bumped into SBX's best friend Meredith, her husband Jason, and sister Holle. They started catching up with girl talk and all I wanted was to dance close with my lady. Jet-lag started to pounce and the whiskey was spiked with mean juice. Pushing it got us into a fight an hour past midnight when a smarter Billy Dee Williams would've known better to play it smooth with his Colt 45 malt liquor rather than raise the stakes with Knob Creek. Jason took me to a bar around the corner where we talked Mars and Venus. SBX found me and feathers got ruffled and singed. Hard. By 2AM, SBX went her way and I went mine.

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