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Triumph of the Won't

Tim Hall's [aka digitante] TRIUMPH OF THE WON'T is finally available for public consumption on his 40th BIRTHDAY! This is the book I've been looking most forward to re-reading collected into one original tome [yes, I've read most of these sordid tales when they first ran in various publications]. Do yourself the biggest favor and buy yourself a copy. TRIUMPH also makes for great gift giving! Rather than explain TRIUMPH, I'll let the hype do it for me:

Book Description
Like the infamous propaganda film that inspired the title of this brilliant collection, Triumph Of The Won't is populated by would-be dictators and failed artists. Meet a literary revolutionary who doesn't write; the record producer obsessed with making it big at all costs; a zine publisher who stalks his girlfriend, oblivious to the consequences; the Marxist author who despises capitalism while lusting after fame and riches.

Interpersed with these mad tales from the creative underground are stories and essays dealing with the more painful realities of life--the loss of a child, the end of a marriage, the struggles with drinking, dating, and day jobs--making Triumph Of The Won't a surprisingly tender and poignant autobiography of an artist, by one of the country's most talented and fearless personal journalists.

About the Author
Tim Hall is a native of New York City and a 10-year veteran of the underground and alternative press. His groundbreaking multimedia work with video blogs and digital writing have garnered praise from Silicon Valley to Australia. His first novel, Half Empty, is available from Undie Press.

You can purchase your copy by clicking here:

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[another birthday card by PANORAMA's zegas]

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