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Christie Scheele

[c.2006 Christie Scheele]

This past weekend I met artist/painter Christie Scheele at a dinner celebrating the first year anniversary of the Chace-Randall art gallery in Andes, NY. I've been an admirer of Christie's haunted landscape paintings ever since Zoe Randall opened her gallery and featured Christie's work. In conversation with Christie, I soon realized she was a long time colorist for Marvel Comics. I can't tell you how many superhero comics I read that bore her name in the credits. She was wonderful to meet and we had deep and resonating conversation about the purpose and function of art debating ego vs. altruism and whether or not artists are vessels of god.

This coming Saturday, May 13th, Christie will be at the Chace-Randall gallery reception for her new show, "The essence of interiors and out" and she'll be signing copies of her newly illustrated "Treasure of Watchdog Mountain" -- the Story of a Mountain in the Catskills. The book will be available in the gallery.

May 13th Chace-Randall gallery reception "The essence of interiors and out."

Christie Scheele artist statement:

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