Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

The Quitter nominated for Eagle Award!

Good news. THE QUITTER was nominated for an Eagle Award for "Favorite original graphic novel."

From the website:
INTRODUCED in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industry’s longest established awards. Acknowledged as the pre-eminent international prizes, they have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 30 years. Unique in that they reflect the people’s choice, the Eagle Awards comprise of two distinct stages. This year professionals from around the world have been asked to nominate their personal favourites, with the top-scoring three in each category making it onto this voting form.

Ballots close 1 May, 2006.

The results will be announced at Comic Expo, Ramada Plaza Hotel, Bristol on May 13th, 2006.

You may cast your vote here:

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