February 18th, 2021


SUN DOG and the customized action figure art of Deane Aikins


Once again I am humbled and astounded by the talent of Deane Aikins. I just received his custom made action figure of my New Brooklyn character, SUN DOG, featured in seasons/volumes 2 & 3 of my RED HOOK saga. Seeing Sun Dog physically realized makes me regret having sacrificed him in STARCROSS. I might have to plan a way for him to come back. It's incredible gifts like this that makes all those late nights scratching away at the art table worth it.

You can follow Deane Aikins on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thats_terrific/

(above is the trio of Sun Dog, The Red Hook & War Cry from my New Brooklyn series, THE RED HOOK)

THE RED HOOK in "Bride of Wax," a 3-part crossover in SAVAGE DRAGON

AJ Frost interviewed me and Dave Kelly for The Comics Beat about our 3-part crossover between The Red Hook, Luna, and Dragon in the back of Erik Larsen's SAVAGE DRAGON #s 259 - 261. Featuring art by Brett Hobson, Tom Napolitano & DC Hopkins!


FROST: Why did you pick the Valentine’s Day theme?

HASPIEL: I think Dave knows most of my personal comix center around matters of the heart and an easy way to have all three major characters in different eras deal with the complications of love was to have the story take place on Valentine’s Day. I mean, who hasn’t tried to build a dedicated lover out of magic clay?

Read the entire interview here: https://www.comicsbeat.com/preview-red-hook-luna-savage-dragon/

SYNOPSIS: Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon teams up with Dean Haspiel's The Red Hook and Dave Kelly and Brett Hobson's Luna (Brooklyn's first female superhero) to save Valentine's Day in "Bride of Wax," a three-part story running in the back of Savage Dragon #259-261. In this modern ode to romance and monster comics of the 1950s, The Red Hook must help a retired supervillain bring the woman of his dreams to life -- and the only way to do it is with the blood of the original Dragon himself.