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Dean Haspiel


24th October 2018

12:28pm: Dean Haspiel launches ‘The Red Hook’ merch on Threadless Artist Shops

“I joined the 21st century in 2006 when I launched my first webcomic series,” Haspiel said in the official press release. “Now, I’m finally joining the 20th century by going analog and hitching my wagon to Threadless to make available tried and true t-shirts and hoodies for fans of The Red Hook and other, soon-to-be revealed merchandise based on my creator-owned fare. I couldn’t be more excited!”

Read more here: https://doomrocket.com/dean-haspiel-red-hook-merch-threadless-artist-shops/

Check out the first wave of merchandise here: https://deanhaspiel.threadless.com/
12:51pm: Dean Haspiel's THE RED HOOK in Howard Chaykin's HEY KIDS! COMICS! #3

A seasoned master of the medium, Howard Chaykin's HEY KIDS! COMICS! pulls back the bullpen blinds and exposes the ugly business of comics, where historic betrayal and heartbreak left little reason for creators to dream the impossible.

Check out issue #3 for an exclusive comic/ad for The Red Hook!

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