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Dean Haspiel


28th August 2018

11:20am: Don't hate. Create.
Don't like a comic? Don't buy the comic. Don't bully the creator/s. Don't hate. Create.
11:32am: The Red Hook action figure from Amazing Heroes

THE RED HOOK action figure is the first stretch goal in the new Amazing Heroes Kickstarter for Indie/Alt superheroes! Check 'em out.

12:11pm: The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses

I was invited by author/editor Gavin Edwards to contribute to the ’The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses’ published by Penguin Books which was released today.

I am honored to share the same creative space with a stellar cabal of artists, musicians, cartoonists, & DJ’s, including studio mates Frank Reynoso, Christa Cassano, Brooklyn tattoo artist, Adam Suerte, and many more -- plus YOU!

You too can be in the book, as the format is explained: The game of Exquisite Corpse is simple: two or more people create an unpredictable artwork by folding the paper to hide each contribution, leaving only small connective lines for clues. The unfolded page reveals a finished collaboration—sometimes wacky, sometimes twisted, and always unique. With this book, you can create your own Exquisite Corpses, with friends or on your own, because the pages are already packed with potential collaborators.


Tuesday, September 19th, 2018 from 7-9pm! Release party for THE BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF EXQUISITE CORPSES, edited & curated by Gavin Edwards at the Armory in Brooklyn (67 Fourth Ave) with special guests!

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