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Dean Haspiel


23rd May 2018

11:23am: Dean Haspiel's The Red Hook graphic novel Summer 2018 Tour!
12:49pm: Wyatt Cenac & THORGOOD

In January of 2017, my pal, Marianne Ways, one of NYC's premier producers of comedy and variety shows (a few years ago, she convinced me to create/curate and host a few of my own salons at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY), contacted me to illustrate a superhero conceived by comedian/actor Wyatt Cenac. They were producing a televised version of their variety show, Night Train with Wyatt Cenac, and one of the segments would riff on cos-play and comic book conventions. Wyatt came up with his new superhero based on a combination of lawyer and former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Thurgood Marshall, and Norse god, Thor, called THORGOOD. It was very easy to design and was fun to collaborate with the comedian. They recorded the episode early February, 2017.

Even though the variety show was produced for many years at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY, two seasons of NIGHT TRAIN with Wyatt Cenac were also produced for the now defunct Seeso, and you can see those shows on the Starz network. The episode my art appears on is 202: https://www.starz.com/series/38335/episodes/38271/details

Thanks, Marianne and Wyatt!
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