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Dean Haspiel


25th February 2018

2:34pm: My post-Avengers Infinity War prediction of the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE
MY PREDICTION: the Marvel Cinematic Universe will reboot after The Avengers Infinity War and be marketed "It's About Time" because it's about time a 1960s Fantastic Four defeated Annihilus and escaped from their 60-year trap in the Negative Zone to finish their battle with Kang the Conqueror JUST IN TIME for the coming of Galactus!
4:33pm: Ideate TV interviews Dean Haspiel at Long Beach Comics Expo 2018

(Dino and Angela Alvarenga at LBCE 2018)

Here's a link to a brief, impromptu interview I did for Ideate TV at Long Beach Comics Expo 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rZscb2cG9Q
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