February 3rd, 2018


The Lone Ranger

Someone close to me started binge-watching STRANGER THINGS (please don't spoil it, I've only seen the first 3-episodes) and she complained that she hadn't left her chair in hours and was hungry; had to get up and move around, cook dinner, walk the dog. I told her about a bunch of other good shows she could watch and joked that all she needed to do was order in take-out food, fill a cooler with drinks, and get a bed pan. We laughed about that kind of ridiculous predicament. And then it occurred to me -- there are hundreds of thousands of people who live alone and watch a lot of TV, right? My idea is to design THE LONE RANGER; a comfortable lounge chair that can lean back into a horizontal "sleeping" position AND also serves as a toilet. You're alone so there's no one around to offend, right? You can start off your day filling up the cooler with drinks, grab a handful of money or a credit card, some take-out food menus, a roll of toilet paper, and your smart phone, sit down and watch all the TV you ever wanted to and never have to leave your seat until it's time to hit hay. And, even then, you might just call it a day and sleep in the comfort of your LONE RANGER. The executive version of THE LONE RANGER could provide heat and massage capabilities. Anybody know anything about getting a patent?