January 20th, 2018


The business of art

I create because I have to. Because I have this thing in me that boldly expresses itself and wishes to communicate. No permissions, no apologies. That's the easy part. The hard part is turning that creativity into a business, into commerce; into a product. And, that's where things often go sideways. We live and we learn to stay on message despite alternative motives, pop-up influences and soul-crushing obstacles. It's tricky to trudge through but you'll thank yourself and those who support you when you cross the finish line. Nobody put a gun to your head. Go with your gut.

Michael Haspiel inducted into Mego Museum Customego Hall of Fame

My brother Mike (who passed away in 2005) was just inducted into the Mego Museum Customego Hall of Fame for all the great Mego toys he customized during his life. I know he would've been thrilled by this honor.

Big Ups to Austin Hough and Cory Berry.

Link to official announcement: http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?115848-******Megomuseum-is-proud-to-announce-the-creation-of-the-Customego-Hall-of-Fame*****&p=1351851#post1351851

Link to some of Mike's customized Mego toys: https://www.megomuseum.com/custom/customizers/haspiel.html