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December 2017 - man_size
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by man_size:

02:08 pm: Art on A Gallery: 5th Annual Holiday Group Art Show - Dec 7th
02:29 pm: 2 more days til WAR CRY

11:33 am: One more day til WAR CRY

10:59 am: Dean Haspiel's WAR CRY debuts!
11:27 am: Brooklyn Paper: ‘War’ of the sexes: New comic stars gender swap superhero(ine)
12:03 pm: The NY Daily News: 'War Cry' enters New Brooklyn comics with a bang
07:01 pm: The Comics Beat: Dean Haspiel’s New Brooklyn Prepares for WAR CRY
08:15 pm: Heed The War Cry – Dean Haspiel Discusses A Person Of Mass Destruction

06:51 pm: The Harakiri Kane roundtable interview at Comicon.com

05:42 pm: WAR CRY is one of Comicon’s 8 Best Webcomics Of 2017