October 9th, 2017


New York Comicon 2017

Despite my complaints and unsolicited advice (see what I Tweeted below), I had some great meetings in/around New York Comicon 2017. And, the LINE Webtoons party was a grand celebration cheering the future of comix.

(Me and Stoya signing at the Heavy Metal booth while promoting our upcoming play, HARAKIRI KANE)

(Art Adams, me, and Sanford Greene)

(Me, John Byrne & Walter Simonson)


Swollen ankle & knee. Congrats: NYCC has grown too large; claustrophobic & unpleasant. I don't know that I will ever return to the Javits.

HOWEVER...it was great to see pals, peers & fans at NYCC. Big Ups to @LINEWebtoon for hosting the best party and BEING the future of comix.

NYCC BRIGHT SIDE: empirical evidence there is SO MUCH talent. Comix are expanding exponentially; losing its belt & slipping into a muumuu.

Perhaps giant comicons like SDCC & NYCC could/should adopt the Angouleme model? Probably too expensive to consider but maybe there's a way.

Too many friends & family were upset they couldn't impulsively attend NYCC. Tix sold out eons ago. Comix aren't concerts. Turn ON ~ Not OFF.


I should be contacting editors, art directors, publishers, collaborators & journalists after a Comicon. NOT A DOCTOR. #HelpMeNightNurse

I forgot to bring my oxygen tank + hand axe to FIRE-HAZARD CON, I mean, Artists Alley. I don't know how y'all survived.

(NYCC 2017 dinner with Dennis Calero, Reilly Brown, Chris Miskiewicz, me, Sean Von Gorman & Greg Tumbarello. Photo courtesy Hannah Means-Shannon)