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Dean Haspiel


27th June 2017

12:47pm: The Thing: Artbook
 photo Carpenter-Thing-Dino_zpsjezqykmw.jpg

After sharing a high-five and hug from Steven Hoveke last year at New York Comicon 2016, he told me about a great project he was co-curating & publishing, an artbook celebrating the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter's THE THING, one of my favorite horror movies. How could I say no?

Sometimes we take on a job that is too close to our heart and it becomes difficult to commit to one idea, one succinct image that represents your feelings; what you love and admire about a piece of work that influences and transcends. So, with that struggle in mind, I put off my illustration until the 11th hour and, when push came to shove, I vomited something primal and reactionary. A Rorschach, as it were, of something imperfect yet representational. A knee-jerk drawing.

My original pitch was silly. I wanted to draw Carpenter's Thing transforming into DC's Swamp Thing transforming into Marvel's Man-Thing and, finally, transforming into Ben Grimm's Thing (from The Fantastic Four). Alas, the publishers would have to grant rights and that would prove too much a hassle.

So, I settled with the above drawing and I hope it honors at a hint of what I cherish about John Carpenter's brilliant movie, THE THING.

To learn more about the project and the 400 artists involved, including a way to pre-order, click here:
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