March 15th, 2017


Aim To Dazzle

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Aim To Dazzle is a comic book one-shot I produced in 2003 featuring Billy Dogma & Jane Legit, published by Alternative Comics.

14 years later, the cover art got some love from David Robertson at Broken Frontier. This is what David had to say:

"I like this cover’s simplicity – limited colours, just the two figures, no background (apart from the red rage felt by Billy Dogma). It all works to tell a story and introduce the characters. The dialogue; Jane crying out, “Don’t!” and Billy’s retort, “I gotta” (no explanation mark there, giving it an interesting tone), made me immediately feel a connection to these vital, action-packed, sexy and romantic characters. As soon as I saw the cover I knew I wanted to read about these people. There’s a strong Kirby feel. The cover acts like the best comics – hinting at so much more about the situation and people we can see than is there in the three words of dialogue."

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The Outhousers reviews Dark Horse Presents #29, featuring THE RED HOOK

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Reviewed by Tyler Kes at The Outhousers:

Story, art, and lettering by Dean Haspiel

The Red Hook started as a feature on, where the character is part of a shared universe that stands as an ode to Golden Age and Silver Age comics. In that respect, this story is a hit, because it smashes the wacky hijinks of the Silver Age (I mean seriously, Romeo-pathy?) against the two-fisted tales of the Golden Age, then runs them through a modern blender. A lot of stuff happens in these pages, and there's a sort of crackling energy that runs through it. It never really stops to allow the reader a chance to catch their breath, and it reminds me a lot of Casanova, in that it is parodying and playing with genre tropes. It was pretty good. I'd recommend it to someone who likes fun comics and isn't too concerned with all the details.