November 20th, 2016


Slings & Arrows reviews Dean Haspiel's BEEF WITH TOMATO


"Haspiel remains confident and outward looking, but a man now in his forties has an understanding of life, and this imparts greater honesty. Haspiel is no longer attempting to impress, but secure in who he is."

"Given the tragic content included it’s too glib to refer to Haspiel as a person to whom relatable events seem to occur. Perhaps he merely has a better sense than most about what constitutes a compelling anecdote."

"Toward the end of the book Haspiel shifts frequently from comic strips to prose, and these are equally fine observational pieces. There’s an open and presumptuous tone to them. Judge if you will, Haspiel doesn’t care."

"From what’s offered, Haspiel has his ups and downs, although a line noting he drinks to get drunk indicates something requiring resolution or exorcism. He’s convivial and talented, and appears to make friends easily enough. Make your mind up.

Beef With Tomato presents a pleasing variety of stories worth telling and bring an area to life. They’re well drawn, honest and engaging..."

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