November 15th, 2016


Giant Size podcast #48: Dean Haspiel interview

John Gholson interviewed me at Wizard World Austin 2016 for the Giant Size podcast.

48: Enforceable Curfew and Women in Towers
John interviews Dean Haspiel pre-Election 2016 about what it is that he's afraid of and the infinite emptiness of the internet, while Moisés talks with Alex de Campi about the glorious darkness of certain fairy tales and the importance of being on a Science Ninja Team.

Bklyner: Question the Chutzpahdiks: Brooklyn Welcomes The First Edition Of Jewish Comic Con

“They gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse, which was a table and to be on some panels. I always take advantage, because that’s part of my community tact,” said Dean Haspiel of Carroll Gardens.

“Because I’m half-Jewish, maybe I need to learn more about this. Despite being in the environment, there’s some osmosis there,” added Haspiel.

You can read the entire article here about the first Jewish Comicon at

JTA: At first Jewish Comic Con, artists and geeks revel in tradition

While Sunday’s gathering was a far cry from the largest comic cons, in a certain sense, said artist Dean Haspiel, it was the most appropriate feel for the genre. While Marvel and DC Comics films are booming, he said, comic book artists — like Jews — remain a small community invested in its tradition.

“Even though comic books have become popular in movies and costumes, the actual comic book is becoming like a rare breed,” Haspiel said. “What I admire about the Jewish people that were here, they have each other’s backs through thick and thin, and that’s the same way we feel as cartoonists.”