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Dean Haspiel


6th October 2016

12:16pm: RIP Joe Stockdale.
RIP Joe Stockdale. Your class in Dramatic Structure at SUNY Purchase in the late 1980's taught me the greatest lesson in writing stories. What does a character want? What did Willy Loman want in "Death of a Salesman?" No one knew the answer until you showed us how to find it. Willy Loman wanted to be "well-liked" and that dictated his choices and behavior. It was written in the script. Write what you want. And, I have, ever since.
1:58pm: Slings & Arrows reviews The Alcoholic
"Dean Haspiel’s art evokes a real world without being in any way realistic, and his pages have a real charm and character-building panache about them. When older people feature Haspiel supplies a warm dignity, and he’s delicate with excess."

Read the entire review here: http://theslingsandarrows.com/the-alcoholic/
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